Atluck Lake – Vancouver Island Camping For Free

  Nestled below Pinder Peak is Atluck Lake. Vancouver Island camping for free in all its beauty with sandy beaches and rocky shorelines. This is one of the islands best kept secrets for a free campground. I enjoyed it so much I came back to it twice. Atluck Lake has four access points for camping with […]

Woss Lake Campground Remote Camping At Its Finest

  Woss Lake Campground is a rustic campsite built where the Woss River leaves the lake and makes its way towards the Village of Woss while heading towards the Nimpkish Valley. History has it that the village of Woss in British Columbia Canada was built in 1948 by Canadian Forest Products (Canfor). The logging camp […]

Bonanza Lake Campground A Real Wilderness Experience

Would you like to have a real wilderness experience? Bonanza Lake Campground is 876 feet above sea level in the Bonanza Range Mountains on Northern Vancouver Island between the Nimpkish and Tsitka Rivers.  A large lake that covers 2226 acres, Bonanza Lake has a maximum depth of 528 feet. The lake is a large body of […]

Schoen Lake Provincial Park Serenity At It’s Finest

Schoen Lake Provincial Park is one of Vancouver Island’s best kept secrets when it comes to remote wilderness camping.  The relatively untouched area is amazing to behold with lots of scenic shots of mountain tops and old growth forests.  Old unmaintained trails still exist at various points around the lake and with a little exploration […]

Is Camping In The Fall A Good Vacation Choice For The Family

Is camping in the fall a good vacation choice for the family is a question asked many times by inexperienced campers who may only get time off from work in the fall season. Seasoned veterans recognize the benefits of uncrowded campsites, fall colours and cool fresh air. Spending time in the great outdoors during the […]

How To Take The Stress Out Of Camping

If you are wanting to know how to take the stress out of camping than you need to learn as much about the experience and things needed to make it successful.  This will go a long way to ease the difficulties one faces when going camping unprepared. Spending time in the great outdoors can be […]

Lower and Upper Klaklakama Lake Campgrounds

Just on the outside looking into Schoen Lake Provincial Park is a beautiful lake that is relatively long with a narrow portion and as such is split into an upper and lower sections. The lake is Klaklakama and is only 15 minutes from highway 19 that runs between Sayward and Woss.  The lake is part […]

The Tranquility of Vernon Lake Recreation Campgrounds

I remember the tranquility of Vernon Lake Recreation Campgrounds a few times when I was a kid and my father worked for Canadian Forest Products in Vernon Camp on Vancouver Island.  Because he worked in camp, his shift was 10 and 4.  Sometimes he would set up the tent at Vernon Lake Recreation Area and […]